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KOTODAMA Co.,Ltd. has been blessed to have multiple "talents" with linguistic skills. We are thus seeing an increase in demand and requests for bilingual MCs and narrators. Maybe you know someone in need of an MC who can speak both English and Japanese? How about one in Russian and Japanese? 


It is a great honor to receive such inquiries. We have also recently learned, however, of a sad fact. Although there are many foreign nationals who wish to work in Japan for various reasons, there are very few of them who can actually speak business-level Japanese.


We are now getting such inquires not only from Kansai area, where we are located, but also from Tokyo. This situation has given us an opportunity to think about our role in this industry. 


At KOTODAMA Co.,Ltd., we have staff with great deal of experience in living abroad; foreign personnel; talented interpreters and translators, as well as those who have great interest in Japanese history and culture. As a result, we realized that we can support people through personnel development using their cultural knowledge and linguistic skills.


Please contact us if you are interested in working as a bilingual MC or narrator, or learning Japanese culture in order to make use of it in your work. 


It would be a great honor if we could support companies in different fields through our services. 


Thank you.

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